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Abbreviated Reviews: Elvis (2022)

As I lounged back in the bright orange recliner at The Living Room Theater, I wondered if I was setting myself up for disappointment, or if Baz Luhrmann has succeeded in another visual masterpiece as he had with Moulin Rouge…. Continue Reading →

Tyler Reviews – Wes Anderson Hasn’t Even Reached His Final Form: The Visual and Narrative Banquet of The French Dispatch

Bill Murray, in his now ninth role in Wes Anderson’s 30+ year filmography, plays Arthur Howitzer Jr, the editor of The French Dispatch magazine who rarely actually edits or cuts down any of his writer’s work. This seems to be… Continue Reading →

Halloween Kills: A Post Pandemic Response to the Slasher Genre?

Okay, clickbait title aside, obviously Halloween Kills was made pre COVID and was pushed back a year because of the pandemic, but hear me out. There’s a scene in a hospital where an angry mob forms, tired of their fellow… Continue Reading →

Tyler Reviews: Space Jam: A New Legacy

Well, here it is. You all asked for it. I felt sick leaving this movie and quickly gave it a one star review on Letterboxd with an Arrested Development quote as my only review: “I don’t know what I expected.”Against… Continue Reading →

A meditation on change

Change is never easy, but often times is necessary. The Tribunal has been forced to evolve. Alec, one of the founding members of the cast, and the team have parted ways. He was a valuable resource, with his vast random… Continue Reading →

SDCC – Special Edition with Guest Host, Derrick

Check it out! Audio Only Links: iTunes:… Spotify:… iHeartRadio:… Castbox FM:… iHeart Radio:…

Episode #2 is live!

Check it out.

5 Second Review: Yesterday

Viewed at Indy Film Fest 2019: Kinda feels more like a Richard Curtis movie than a Danny Boyle one. Himesh Patel and Lily James are undeniably charming and adorable here, Kate McKinnon is effortlessly hilarious and even Ed Sheeran comes… Continue Reading →

5 Second Review: Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

It was good not great. I thought Zac Efron’s performance was better than the movie itself. He certainly seemed to capture the essence of Ted Bundy. 2 likes COMMENT?

5 Second Review: Long Shot

Smart, sweet and chockablock with laughs. The cast is pretty much uniformly great with the standouts being Seth Rogen, Charlize Theron and O’Shea Jackson, Jr. I didn’t realize Andy Serkis was in this nor the character he was playing until… Continue Reading →

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