Change is never easy, but often times is necessary. The Tribunal has been forced to evolve. Alec, one of the founding members of the cast, and the team have parted ways. He was a valuable resource, with his vast random knowledge of movies, writers, directors, and actors, and will be missed. The team and I want to thank Alec for the ten episode’s which he provided his insight for, and wish him well in his future endeavors.

With change comes rebirth. Derrick Bailey has been a guest on the podcast, filling in for both Tyler and Alec. As of episode 11, Derrick has accepted our offer to join the team as a permanent fixture. We are happy to have him, and love the attitude and knowledge he brings to the table.

Our plan is to have Alec back as a special guest as his busy schedule will allow, and anticipate those opportunities.

Thank you for your continued support. – Tony