In the wake of the global pandemic, the movie landscape faced many challenges, among which ‘Dune Part One’ emerged as one of the first major blockbusters to brave reopened theaters. Despite its ambitious storytelling and visual spectacle, it encountered a lukewarm box office reception, leaving many to fear a sequel would be made. However, three years of anticipation later, ‘Dune Part Two’ has arrived. It proves, unequivocally, that some things are indeed worth the wait.

Continuing where the first movie left off, ‘Dune Part Two’ delves into Paul’s integration into the Fremen culture. Amidst a deepening relationship with Chani and a quest for vengeance, Paul is confronted with pivotal decisions about where his loyalties lie. “Dune” was once called the most unadaptable book, and somehow director Denis Villeneuve created a masterpiece. Trying to categorize this movie into any one genre would be a crime. The narrative weaves together the themes of war, prophecy, family, love, acceptance, religion, faith, and grief, each functioning in harmony like the gears of a clock. From the start, the story just ropes you in, and like riding a sandworm you just have to go along for the ride. The scale of this movie is truly galactic, but the characters ground the story and play on the relatable aspects. 

Timothèe Chalamet becomes Paul Atredies in the first film, in this one he goes beyond that to fully encapsulant every part of Paul Muad’dib Atredies: Duke of Arrakis. The emotions Chalamet can portray through the screen is unlike anything ever seen before. His performance as this spiritual leader is so good, that it’s enough to turn skeptics into devoted believers. His counterpart Chani, portrayed by Zendaya, perfectly balances his character and grounds him to reality. She goes a step beyond showing her emotions and communicates them to the audience. You almost don’t have a choice but to be wrapped in emotions. The antagonist, Feyd-Rautha has perhaps the greatest villain intro of all time. Austin Butler makes you forget all about “Elvis”, and becomes this cynical madman you can’t help but be terrified of. The entire cast is fantastic across the board, with every performance-enhancing this incredible story. 

The things Greg Fraser is able to accomplish behind the camera is nothing short of a miracle. Every single shot sequence not only told a story but pulled you into it. For two hours and forty-six minutes, there is not a single moment the screen looks dull. A beautiful blend of composition, color grading, digital effects, and lighting transcends beyond what we call “film”. Fraser is not a stranger to the action genre either, and it shows here. Each action sequence perfectly balances editing and scale, creating a marvel that will truly take your breath away. Beyond the stunning visuals, Hans Zimmer delivers a masterclass in film scoring. He creatively uses motifs to inflict an assortment of feelings onto the audience. Hans Zimmer’s score and Greg Fraser’s visuals intertwine to put you into what can only be described as a dreamlike trance. 

‘Dune Part Two’ not only meets but exceeds the expectations set by its predecessor, weaving together story, character, and spectacle. Hans Zimmer’s score, alongside breathtaking visuals, elevates the film to a masterpiece of cinematic art. ‘Dune Part Two’ secures its place in the pantheon of science fiction epics. Let his movie act as a beacon for what can be accomplished in the cinema.