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Dune Part Two

In the wake of the global pandemic, the movie landscape faced many challenges, among which ‘Dune Part One’ emerged as one of the first major blockbusters to brave reopened theaters. Despite its ambitious storytelling and visual spectacle, it encountered a… Continue Reading →

Madame Web

Last year the internet decided to trick Sony into putting “Morbius” back in theaters twice. When the movie flopped two separate times it felt like Sony may take a break from using their Marvels IPs. The “Madame Web” trailer was… Continue Reading →

Bob Marley: One Love

Bob Marley is a household name, recognized by people of all ages, yet beyond a few of his hit songs, the details of his life remain unknown to many. With Hollywood currently in a biographical musical renaissance, standing out in… Continue Reading →


‘Wonka’ tackles a narrative dilemma that has long challenged storytellers: maintaining audience engagement in a story with a known conclusion. Director Paul King embraces a strategy reminiscent of George Lucas’s prequel approach, focusing on rich character development. The narrative unfolds… Continue Reading →

The Marvels

There was a time not too long ago when buying tickets for the new MCU project was like Black Friday shopping. People would stay up to get tickets for opening night the moment they were released. Oversaturation and lackluster projects… Continue Reading →

The Creator

For years, I have argued that “Rogue One” stands as one of the top three films in the Star Wars franchise, so it was with great anticipation that I learned of director Gareth Edwards being handed the reigns to craft… Continue Reading →


It feels like every time a popular franchise gets a film adaptation, there seems to be a wave of speculation. Then “Barbie” was announced with a spectacular director at the helm, a perfect casting in Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling,… Continue Reading →


Committing to watching a three-hour movie is never an easy task, especially when most people’s knowledge of Oppenheimer’s life is limited to his work on the atomic bomb. As I stepped into the theater, that was the extent of my… Continue Reading →

Asteroid City

Whenever I step into Wes Anderson movies, I usually have no idea what I’m about to watch. There have been instances when I exited the theater with the same sense of uncertainty. My anticipation for Asteroid City leaned towards a… Continue Reading →

The Flash

From the beginning, The Flash seemed destined for failure due to countless delays, reshoots, negative press, and behind-the-scenes drama. However, when early reviews came in declaring this as one of the top superhero movies ever made, I found myself very… Continue Reading →

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